Google SEO Forecast: What to Expect from the Search Giant in 2021

Google SEO Forecast: What to Expect from the Search Giant in 2021

As Google SEO changes go, so goes the rest of the Internet. In the following guide, we’ll give you an idea of what to expect for the year ahead.

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Search engine optimization adjusts as Google changes its algorithm. It’s a simple idea, but it entails that digital marketing professionals are constantly on their game because, well, Google is always changing. 

Google’s aim is to stay in front of user behavior. As people change their interests and habits while surfing the web, the algorithm adjusts to produce more relevant results. 

That means that there are changes happening now, and they’ll continue to happen until the distant future when Google no longer exists. We’re going to explore what to expect from Google SEO in the coming years, giving you a little idea as to what you can do now to anticipate those changes. 

How Google SEO Is Changing

2021 will bring slight changes to the algorithm, and many of those changes will be reflective of trends that have been well-known for a while. 

One of the primary things to keep in mind is that there’s an ever-important shift toward mobile optimization. People are shifting away from their desktops, and a lot of normal people don’t really need a laptop anymore. 

You can do just about anything you need to on your phone unless you’re a professional or creative of some kind. Naturally, people aren’t going to dump their computers just yet, but it’s important to note that optimization should emphasize mobile users.

Page Experience

One Google SEO update that’s looming is referred to as “page experience.” 

There’s a lot of on-page and off-page optimization-based around providing a great experience for users. Google accounts for things like site architecture, load times, and more to account for user experience. 

In fact, the entire search process is directly aimed at a great user experience. That said, Google will now put a little more emphasis on the direct experience of users on particular pages. 

Page experience is based on metrics that show how well users can engage with the page itself, separate from the value of the content it displays. So it isn’t so much what you put on your page as much as how well your page functions. 

Load times, interactivity, and visual stability are a few of the operative metrics here. 

Brand Strength

Another factor that continues to rise in importance is brand strength. Google’s AI is getting better at guessing the popularity of brands through contextual clues in comments and discussion. 

It’s also easy to estimate your brand’s popularity by engagement with your site, reviews, and discussion surrounding your products and services. 2021 will see a shift in focus toward brand strength, making some of the other factors slightly less important. 

These anticipated changes won’t happen immediately, but they’re important to keep in mind. You might see a dip in rankings as these Google SEO changes roll out, but make note of these things when they happen and adjust your campaign accordingly. 

Need a Little Digital Help?

Understanding Google SEO can be hard, let alone trying to optimize your site while running a small business. It’s too much to ask of one person, but we’re here to help. 

Contact us for more insight into SEO and ways that you can stay ahead of the curve. 

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